Who We Are

The Homelessness Prevention and Intervention Network was formed in November of 1990 under the name of the Homelessness Prevention Task Force. The Task Force began as a result of a meeting between human service organizations and individuals concerned with the increasing number of homeless in Tippecanoe County. Members of the Task Force identified a need for increased coordination and networking of existing services to meet the needs of the homeless and prevent others from becoming homeless. 

The Task Forced changed it's name to the Homelessness Prevention Network in the summer of 1994. This was in an effort to emphasize that the homeless problem of Tippecanoe County is a constant, never ending battle, unlike the name Task Force would otherwise imply. The group is now called the Homelessness Prevention and Intervention Network. The Network has become a catalyst for the newly developed 10 year plan to end homelessness  

Membership in the Network is open to anyone concerned about homelessness in Tippecanoe and the surrounding counties. Participation on active committees and task groups is encouraged.
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Homelessness Prevention and Intervention 
Network of NW Central Indiana